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40 Minute Battalion UAC Training Schedule

Schedule of 40 Minutes Training Period for Infantry Battalions or Special Op Forces

(1) One junior Officer may be given the task of organizing, designing & conducting the units Commando UAC program. He should preferably be someone who has had previous martial arts training.
(2) He should take the help of the 3 unit expert soldiers who are expert Karatekas, Boxers & Wrestlers for helping out with designing range techniques in Kicking, Boxing, Wrestling/ Grappling ranges.
(3) The 3 unit expert soldiers should study the DVD video supplied to gain inputs & the officer should guide them in comprehending the literature of this book.
(4) Each of the above course modules – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced should be practiced twice a week during the PT or Games period for at least 3 months before advancing to next module.
(5) One should discourage the externally resourced civilian martial arts instructors, who bring in the same old traditional karate, taekwondo, judo or recent arts like Krav maga, BJJ, Muay Thai which in our expert opinion are purely a civilian street defense art marketed to military application
(6) The Unit is welcome to invite the authors to their unit for training and setting up the Commando UAC Program, feel free to contact us and we shall try our best to help your formation.