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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Article by Prof. Dr. D Rao & Dr. S Rao

Chemical Weapons

Aum Shinri Kyo –Jap group
Placed containers Sarin gas on 5 trains Tokyo underground netwotk,
12 dead,5500 injured
Shoko Asahara-leader –confessed 1997

1915 -Chlorine Germans Worldwar I ‘Y-press’ battle –5000 dead
1915 –Allies WW1-Belgium
1916- mustard gas-blister
WW2-no chemicals used –fear retaliatiomn
Less gas masks
5lakhs died in war
1983 Iraq-mustard gas- on Iran
85 – 1987Iraq on Kurds

WW1 Chlorine + Phosgene (Choking, pulmonary oedema, blistering skin & lungs)
Mustard, HCN

After WW1 Nerve gases Tabun, Sarin,Soman =OP=N-M blockade-coma death
VX series =Respy failure

Other Chemical (non Gaseous) weapons
Liquids (in droplets)-Prussic acid,Arsenic, Strychinine
Aerosol —not very effective
Mortar shells/Arty shells
Crash truck load into bldg


1400 –Anthrax—by Tartars in Ukraine
1760 –British gave blankets infected by Small Pox to Indians (in UK Military Hospitals)
WW1 Germans—Cholera –Italy
1937 – Japanese dropped Plague infested fleas grains over Chinese cities and on Chinese Pavs
1938 Iraq –UNSCOM discovered Germ stockpile installations in Saddam Hussein
1939 Libya& Midle East—hidden installations undergroind which can be converted into harmless Pharmaceutical Company in 24 hrs
1970 – RICIN =biological toxin agent = used for assassination
Russians -Anthrax accident- epidemic

10 ounces =Anthrax spores-can cause 6lakh deaths
Plague (Yersemia Pestis)
Ebola viruses (apes)
Lassa fever
Legionnaires disease
Crentzfeld Jakols (mad Car disease)
Salmonella ,Botulinium ,Staph Entero toxin B
Easy to produce
Difficult to detect
Economic damage (crops) +casualties
Panic generating

In Oregen –750 people wee fed contaminated salads with S.Typhi ,Ma Sheila Anand arrested
Modys –water reservoir contamination
Immunization /gas masks /protective clothing /decontamination process ?treatment
Chemical weapons depend upon weather (eg. rain) while Nuclear weapons do not.

Nuclear Weapons

The Atom bomb

1. acquire 2.5 kgs Plitonium/Uranium
2. large cube Semtex-centre Plutonium oxide crystals – core make
3. weighs 1000kgs (1 ton)
4. requires truck or aircraft
Nuclear Black Market makes it easy.

Making core is easy

10 kilo ton device(Plutonium Basic)
= 1 lakh casualties in major city
Thermo nuclear device = 20 lakhs

KGB had prepared luggage nukes =suitcases of nuclearbombs to sabotage enemy centres in war..Legal purchases from abroad via Russian Ministry of Atomic energy! OR small time smugglinginto country. (terr substitute Plutonium for Cesium –137)

1976 – Bombs thrown on atomic reactor France
Lemoniz atomic station Spain ETA
1982 African National Congress sabotaged 2 South African nuclear plants in Africa
1995 Terr blew transmission cables of nuclear plant Philipines
sabotage of eactor-no direct casualties but ecological damage

Chechnya – Terr threatened to turn Soviet Union into a desert by radio active waste & sent a sample of it to Police in a dustbin

Cyber Terrorism

The Extreme right

1. Data theft
2. damage software &crashsystems (viruses)
detonate at a given time and destroy data =hostile programs(logic bombs by rewriting called Trap doors, Trojan horses ,Worms ,Spy chips
HERF (High Energy Radio Freq ) guns –suitcase sized device –disable electronic components
Financial Institutions –credit cards tampering
- Money filtering
Electronic transformers
Air traffic control –collisions ,crashes
Surveillance Aircrafts ,satellites ,GPS
Production (poisoning) Food,drugs

Main groups of Phreakers & Hackers
US – legion of doom
German – chaos Computer Club
WMD – harms friends & enemies