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10 Commandments of Hand-to-Hand

  1. Realize that the opponent’s superior height, weight, aggression level & youth may neutralize your skill. Understanding this will bring victory & survival.
  2. It’s better to practise a few techniques 100 times rather than practise a 100 techniques few times.
  3. Identify the opponent’s body type & fight each one with a different strategy to use your advantage against his disadvantage, be flexible in your approach.
  4. Attack first, attack fast, attack hard & force opponent to defense.
  5. Attack at a range which offers you advantage depending upon opponent’s stature & skill.
  6. Attack at the best angle possible or attained.
  7. Attack at a level uncomfortable to the opponent depending upon his height.
  8. Attack in a state of movement which the opponent cannot harness.
  9. Vary the types of attack, rush the opponent with various pre-planned combinations.
  10. Train realistically with protective gear & full contact to simulate combat. Train for precision, speed & power in that order.