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Bison Kill Doctrine

The Bison System Unarmed Combat Tactics

The goal in UAC is not to score points but to disable, cripple or Kill in the shortest span of time. Bison System employs the Unarmed Combat Tactics & Skills in an unconventional manner to design application for various Special Operations, Commando Operations & Counter Terrorism Operations. The various Bison System Unarmed Combat Tactics combine knowledge of Physiology & Anatomy of Medicine with study of various modes of impact from crippling, handicap to Termination applied to H2H, H2W, W2W & W2H situations for use of deadly force in close proximity. (H=Hand, W=Weapon, 2=to).

Vital Organs List

• Temporal /Temple • Occiput • Frontal

• Eye • Ear • Nose •Teeth

• Maxilla • Mandible • Tempero Mandibular Joint

• Carotid Artery • Jugular Vein • Cervical Vertebra • Larynx Voice Box

• Heart • Solar Plexus • Ribs • Liver • Spleen • Kidney

• Groin • Bladder • Sacrum Tailbone

• Wrist Joint • Elbow Joint • Shoulder Joint • Median Nerve • Ulnar Nerve • Radial Nerve

• Shin • Knee Joint • Ankle Joint • Femoral Nerve

Types of Injury:

Injury to cause pain – contusion & laceration injury to cause immobilization injury to destroy nerves injury to cause fracture

Injury to cause joint dislocation injury to cause organ damage injury to paralyse: injury to destroy sense organs injury to cut blood supply to brain injury to cause unconciousness injury to kill

Force Regulation

Code System of Bison
Use of Force has to be controlled and regulated according to Situation. Illustrated here is the CODE system followed for Force Regulation in Bison System.

CODE GREEN Strike to cause Pain
a. Slaps to the Face
b. Strikes to Limbs such as Kicks to the Thigh, Arms
c. Strikes to Abdomen cause Curling up – Solar plexus impact & diaphragm spasm

CODE YELLOW - Strike to cause i. Tissue Contusion ii. Temporary Organ damage
a. Strikes to Face to cause Lacreated Wounds that require Sutures.
b. Strikes to Groin cause intense pain & makes the opponent roll on the ground

CODE ORANGE Strike to cause i. Fracture & Joint Dislocation ii. Grievous Injury to Organs
a. Strikes to Knee Joint may cause ligament or cartilage injury
b. Joint Locks to Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder & Spine may cause ligament rupture
c. Slap to the Ear may rupture Ear Drum (Tympanic membrane tear)
d. Eye Scrape may cause corneal abrasions & corneal opacity & partial blindness.
e. Punch to the Nose may cause fracture of Nasal bridge

CODE RED Strike to cause permanent Paralysis & Brain Damage
a. Strikes to Temple – may cause Hemiplegia by rupturing middle meningeal artery
b. Strikes to Nape of Neck – may cause Quadriplegia by Atlanto-Axial dislocation

CODE BLACK – Strike to cause Death
a. Strikes to Occiput/ Small of Head – may cause Brain Stem Hemmorhage & death
b. Neck Locks to cause
i) Choking on windpipe to cut air supply
ii) Strangulation of Carotid artery to cause cut in blood supply to the brain.
iii) Tamponade by using a knee drop on the chest of a fallen opponent by rupture of pericardium of heart.