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Sun Tzu’s Art of War

General Sun Tzu was a Chinese military advisor who wrote the famous masterpiece “Art of War” based upon his experience in gaining many war victories. In summary, his doctrine is enumerated below:

Before the Battle

1. Win without fighting, if possible
2. Compare Constant factors with enemy:
Morale, Commander, Doctrine, Terrain & Weather
3. Choose the Battleground
4. Know the Battlefield
5. Know Yourself / forces
6. Know the Enemy / Use of Spies
7. Plan & Strategize well
8. Strategy before Tactics

During the Battle

9. Have High Moral Integrity
10. Enforce Discipline
11. Care for Soldiers Well being
12. Develop Uniform level of Courage
13. Develop Teamwork, Employ Teamwork, whole Team works as a Unit
14. Avoid the avoidable factors
15. Attack from Strong Position / high ground
16. Take the Offensive: Occupy the Battlefield first & wait for the enemy
17. Prioritize
18. Be Flexible
19. Use Surprise, Use unexpected routes & methods
20. Use Deception
21. Attack by Fire
22. Speed, Timing, Momentum of troops is essence to win
23. Be Persistent
24. Take advantage of Opportunity & whatever the situation
25. Combine extraordinary force to win with ordinary force to engage enemy
26. Break the rules where necessary
27. Avoid enemy’s strength, attack his weakness
28. Take advantage of enemy’s Unpreparedness

After the Battle

29. Build on your success, Use your victories
30. While in Peace, Train for War

Sun Tzu in Commando Unarmed Combat

ACCS & Bison System employs the following Strategies & Tactics from Sun Tzu’s Art of War in its methodology.

  • Level 0 – “THE WARD OFF” – Winning without fighting! – Rarely, when Special force is deployed in a civil scenario or a control situation like in mob dispersal, simple harmless attacks like slapping the ear or clapping the palm on the groin will deter further resistance or engagement.
  • Level 1 - THE KICKING RANGE – “HARRASS THE TRANSPORT” – Destroy the Limbs of the opponent to disrupt mobility Level 2 “IMPAIR THE FUNCTIONING” – Organ Damage by hitting Abdomen on Solar Plexus, Groin, Kidney, etc to impair functioning
  • Level 3 - THE HAND RANGE “CUT THE SUPPLY” – Stop Air & Nutrients by attacking the Neck
  • Level 4 – “DEADEN THE SURVELLIANCE” – Deaden Senses by attacking the Eyes
  • Level 5 – “FIRST DEMORALIZE, THEN INVADE – Box in Combinations to hurt body & break the morale of the opponent before entering close to opponent for the killsh to Win!
  • Level 6 - THE KNEE ELBOW RANGE – HAMMER THE ANT” – use strongest weapons of Elbows & Knees on face & body of the opponent
    • A )“DESTABILIZE” by throwing
    • B) “ATTACK FROM HIGH GROUND” by hitting groin to cause bending of body before grabbing neck
    • C) “USE THE TERRAIN” – take advantage of surroundings to impact the head of the opponent
  • Level 8 - THE HANDICAP & KILL RANGE – “BLUNT WEAPONS & OBJECTS – USE THE ENVIRONMENT” – Use hardest weapon on softest target of opponent. Use of Blunt, Sharp & Unstructured Objects (stones, etc) from environment on the face, head, groin, eyes to cause handicap to opponent.
  • Level 9 “SHARP EDGED WEAPONS & OBJECTS – THE MORTAL BLUFF” Use a Knife or any sharp object like a pencil, scissor, broken glass on face of opponent to cause severe bleeding. This must convince an opponent that you will kill him even if you don’t intend to and deter further engagement.
  • Level 10 “BLUNT or SHARP WEAPONS or FIREARMS to EXTERMINATE – THE MORTAL KILL” – Use Blunt & Sharp objects to effect various CQB methods of Termination to quickly end engagement with opponent & carry on with the operation.
  • “DEFENSE” – Make the Enemy play your Game by resorting to first attack tactics with your best techniques & best range, rather than let the opponent attack & make you respond.