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25 Tenets of Commando Warfare

1. Impossible is possible – if it can be done, it will be done and if it can’t be done, it will be done
2. Work with fewer resources – force multiplier
3. Work in lesser time – split second timing
4. Work with fewer men – men apart every man an emperor
5. Division of responsibility & function – one job one man
6. Area of Operation – accept hostilities as a way of life as your home is behind enemy lines
7. Goal at any cost- as no return assured
8. Obedience to death
9. Buddy’s life is my life, but operation is more important than any life
10. Local CnC (command and control) – our decision, our responsibility
11. Dark is safe – sleep by day, fight by night
12. Avoid the road – take the bush
13. Avoid the bridge – take the river
14. Overcome the obstacle or go around it
15. Do or Die – kill the enemy before losing your life
16. Know no tiredness – relax and you will end up dead!
17. Survive at any cost – live off the land
18. Unbeatable josh, unbreakable spirit – never say die, die another day, die hard
19. Stealth is strength
20. Disguise your intention – use deception & divertion
21. Hit and run
22. Kill or be killed
23. Don’t let the enemy break you
24. Forget the dead, Remember the ops
25. Who dares wins?