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Defense to Firearms

Defense to Firearm Threat (Pistol & Rifle Threats)

A Firearm threat is intended to make you cooperate and give in to the attackers demand. The Defense is exactly the same as in the case of edged weapons, but you have to concentrate on the attacker’s Line of Fire which is the line joining the atteye with the weapon sights. This traces the expected course of travel of the bullet. You have to move away from the line of fire during your defense.


i. If you are more than 10 m away from a handgun, run for cover in a zigzag manner. If you are closer, you must go closer to the attacker in order to subdue him.
ii. Pretend to be afraid. Plead, beg and edge closer to the attacker.
iii. Defend suddenly; moving your head/ body away from the line of fire as you use one forearm and one hand to deflect the gun. Grab the gun with one hand and proceed in the same fashion as described in defense to a knife attack.

Response to a firearm threat from a distance

i. Deflect the weapon with your leg thus moving out of Line of Fire
ii. Charge the enemy and repeat attacks as explained above