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Hon Secretary

Col B.L. Sharma (Retd), Ex Indian Special Forces, holds a III Deg BB in UCCA, He is the Hon Secretary & Technical Advisor of the UCCA. He advises UCCA on matters of training Indian National Forces in purely honorary capacity, while charging no compensation for his esttemed contribution. His Career highlights are as follows.

  • In 1965 BL (fondly called) was commissioned into 5 Para Commando Special Forces.
  • In 1965 Indo-Pak War he lead a team of 35 soldiers at midnight to capture strategic Jallo Bridge in Pakistan which was vital for Indian troops to proceed to Lahore. He singularly killed 8 enemy soldiers, was suddenly shot in the arm by Machine Gun fire. He walked with a severely bleeding arm to Regt Aid Post, got stitched up & immt returned back to battle. By next night, his team captured the bridge, strategic to victory.
  • In 1967, he was posted in Counter Terrorism Operations at Mizoram to fight ULFA terrorists. His team was ambushed by 150 terrorists who burnt up his fellow soldiers inside the heavy 3 Ton vehicles. His Team fought valiantly killed most of the terrorists & rest took to their heels.
  • In 1971 His Team parachuted down into Dhaka, East Pakistan for liberation of Bangladesh, before sunset. An enemy soldier shot him as his parachute was just landing. BL’s steel helmet was torn & the bullets sliced his forehead. A heavily bleeding BL maneuvered his parachute & landed right on top of the enemy soldier, throwing him & entangling him with parachute canopy. BL then put his foot on the fallen enemys chest & shot him dead. Thereafter he applied a dressing on his bleeding forehead, took an Injection of morphine & lead his troops to victory.
  • He was sent by the Army top brass to cross train with Special Forces of world to UK, US & Israel. He has interacted with the elite SAS, Green Berret & Mossad.
  • In 1981 he lead & raised Indias most elite force – Special Group. His Ops are clandestine and beyond discussion.
  • In 1982 He & his group was appointed as Special bodyguard to PM Indira Gandhi.
  • In 1983 BL commanded the Sikh Light Infantry Battalion.
  • In 1984 He helped in raising the elite National Security Guard – Black Cats.
  • In 1987 He was posted as Col Administration into National Defense Academy.
  • When tipped for higher promotion, BL quit the Army to spend time with family & served in security sector thereafter.
  • Col BL now looks after security of Indias No. one leading Industrialist. We are blessed to have him with us as Hon. Secretary of UCCA.
  • In 1992, while serving as Chief Security Officer of Indias leading Steel company in Gujarat, BL was attacked by a local criminal gang leader with a sword, the sword slashed BLs arm in the deadly bout, but BL disarmed attacker, threw him on ground & immobilized him & handed him to Police. A year after, the notorious gang Leader died while in Police encounter.

Col BL has been primary advisor to UCCA on its most important role of training the Indian Forces in innovative methods. He has been instrumental in researching innovations, with Dr. Raos guiding them in their forces work. His experience of training with special forces worldwide has been a great bonus.

  • He has previous 20 years experience in Military CQB & Unarmed combat. On 17 Sept 2005, At the age of 60 years he decided to take the rigorous UCCA Black Belt exam with youngsters half his age, ran 10 km, did the mandatory Military PPT & BPT, sparred in all ranges with 6 opponents & passed the Ist Degree BB exam in Alfa I category.
  • On 12 Oct 2006, he attemped the UCCA Second Degree Exam this time doing 15 km, even more strenous PT & then unarmed combat with 10 opponents. He again qualified the IInd Deg BB in Alfa I category.
  • He then had fractures of both his arms, suffered a personal tragedy & inspite of all this he achieved the UCCA III Deg Black Belt on 3 Aug 2007.

UCCA salutes this great soldier & is proud of its Hon. Secretary, Col B.L. Sharma.