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“High Class individuals strive for honour, for them money and fame are secondary interests.” – Chanakya. This is the story of the Raos who spent their life by giving their expertise & talents in helping Indian Army, Indian Forces & MHA to modernize outdated methods of Close Combat Op Trg, ALL of which was without any compensation, as a Selfless service to the Soil. The Raos are now too old for field work. They retired after a lifetime of service.


EXCEPTIONAL ”Contribution beyond the call of duty of Major. Deepak Rao & Dr. Seema Rao: FIRST INDIANS IN MANY WAYS

  • First Indians to specialize in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and give this expertise for over 18 years to train about 15000 soldiers from Indian forces.
  • The Raos modernized Close quarter battle training for Indian Army Command (helping modernize the British outdated method of Reflex shooting) under order Gen Deepak Kapoor, who later became Army Chief.
  • Similarly the Raos modernized the Reflex shooting for Indian Army Eastern Command under order Gen VK Singh who is now Army Chief.
  • The Raos wrote the first book on Close Combat Operations Training for fighting close quarters in the world. This book was found useful by FBI Director Robert Muller and Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble . This book was also distributed by Hon. P Chidambaram Home Minister to various Central Para-military forces, police organizations & institutions.
  • First Indians to be appointed as Official Resource persons by MHA under direct approval of Home Secretary for imparting CQB trg. This is being done by Raos free without compensation by spending all their time travelling to remote forces locations
  • The Raos the wrote first book on Commando Unarmed Combat which was distributed by Army Chief to all army batallions. Done free by spending own money for production.
  • First Indians to get World Peace Award at UN affiliate congress, presented by Malaysian PM.
  • First Indian to get US President award for voluntary service



In 2010, the Raos completed 17 years of Selfless Service to the Nation by training about 15,000 soldiers from Indian Forces & Police in Close Quarter battle & related subjects. They are joined now by Ex Army officers and Other specialists in their training work for the Indian Govt Forces.

NOTE: The UCCA Serves ONLY the Indian Government in training Indian Forces & Police in Military related subjects. NO WORK IS UNDERTAKEN FOR ANY NON GOVT FORCE. All work of UCCA NGO is selfless service to the Nation. No Donations are accepted by UCCA, as our proud belief is in great service with minimal funds.

National Police Academy

Corp Battle School, Bhalra

Naval Special Warfare School

Corp Battle School, Khreuh

Commando Wing

Rapid Div

Army Counter Terrorist School

Indo Tibetan Border Police

J&K Police Academy

Kharga Corp

Major. Rao Founder

Mrs. Rao Co Founder

Army Chief Felicitation




US President's Award

1 Para Special Forces

Marine Commando

Dagger Div


Army Offr Academy

Special Group

Marine Commando

10 Para Special Forces