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Cross Country Marathon Running

In early 2000, Prof. Dr. Rao suffered a convulsion 36 hours after a 40 km marathon run, due to an unusual cause, Magnesium Deficiency. When this happened, he was in the middle of a course, far away from Medical help. He had a series of convulsions until the deficit was corrected. Following this incident, he studied the physiology of running in great depth. This article is a result of this study. During the very next marathon run, he out did himself, by doing 48 km with improved timing.


Specially meant for the artist / soldier who currently runs 100 km a week. Individuals who are born with genetic constitution designed for running may never experience any difficulty in running, but for the not so gifted ones, getting better is always a collosal task!

This page is meant for those who run long distances 15 km & above, & is also meant for those who wish to

  • increase their distance.
  • Or improve their timing
  • Or simply for those who wish to enjoy their running, by imbibing scientific concepts that will make their running fun, rather than a torture endurance.


(Don’t be surprised!) during regular running for fitness & health. All items are raw, natural & vegetarian. During marthon running, you lose a lot of electrolytes. These will have to be loaded into the system before the run, or during the run (if possible). If not, then after the run. Regular marathon running 15 Km or more (upto 60 Km) at a stretch, (as in Special Operations Personnel / Commandos) depletes the following nutrients:

  • Glucose – Replace at least 2 table spns of glucose in 1 litre of water per every 5 Km. Reduce if you want to lose fatty weight
  • Sodium – Replace 1 tsp salt in 1Liter H2O per every 5 Km. Lack causes Joint &calf pains during running
  • Potassium – Replace wit 1 inch diameter jaggery ball every 5 km. Lack causes muscular Weakness & lack of alertness during running
  • Calcium – replace with 1 high Calcium fruit / 1 cheese/paneer cube / nuts 1 tsp. Lack causes tremors & fatique during running
  • Magnesium – replace with Digene tablet 1 every 5 Km OR take maize / mango every day Lunch. Lack causes convulsions after 3 months of constant running without rest. This happened to Prof. Dr. Rao during a 45 km run.
  • Neutralize lactic Acids – Take 1/2 Raw potato every 5 Km. Lack causes Sprains and soreness after running


This happens to everybody, only one may think it is not happening, unless he has a high degree of self awareness. One has to identify, and take remedial measure for sustaining the scientific method of running.

Symptoms – Sore joints from previous running
Cause – Lactic Acid accumulation
When – In beginning of the run upto first ½ km
Remedy – Just run slow & wait for soreness & Lactic acids to be washed out by fresh air

Symptoms – Stomach aches
Cause – Diaphragmatic fatique
When –Anytime during the first 5 km, may not appear at all in seasoned runners
Remedy – Run with shallow superficial breathing, so as to rest the diaphragm for 5-10 mins

Symptoms – Pain in any joint (Neck, shoulder, back, ankle, ps from previous running
Cause – Lactic Acid accumulation
When – After 5 Km anytime depending on previous runs in the week
Remedy – Breathe slowly & deeply for about 10 mins for lactic acids to be washed out by respiratory mechanisms.

Symptoms – Reduced alertness, Altered conscious state, a feeling of high, with forgetfulness of route, how many km covered, how much more left, etc
Cause – Relative Hypoxia (insufficient O2 delivery) as compared to requirement of long running.
When – Towards the end of the run, say after 15 km – 25 km
Remedy – Breathe in deep & hold the breath for optimum absorption, Do this for a few breaths intermittently till u feel more alert.

Symptoms – Reduced alertness, Altered conscious state, a feeling of high, with forgetfulness of route, how many km covered, how much more left, etc
Cause – Relative physiological cardiac Insufficiency, the heart is unable to supply blood flow as much as the constantly running muscles need.
When – Towards the end of the run, After 20km, or in the not so seasoned, earlier.
Remedy – Slow down the pace of running for 10 mins till heart recovers.

PS: This study is an original research by Dr. Rao & the terms used in the above article represent Dr Raos personal choice of denotions.