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Defense to Edged Weapon Attack

Defense to Edged Weapon Attack (Commando Knife)

In all Dagger attacks, you have to concentrate on the attacking arc of thrust. You must never come in the way of the arc of thrust. For effective defense, stay out of the arc (Out-fighting) or enter inside its circumference (In-fighting).

  1. Out-fighting – If the attack is unpredictable and you cannot hold the knife, step away from the attack.
  2. In-fighting – If the attack is predictable and telegraphic then move inside the arc of thrust.
  3. And defend with one palm and one forearm, after which grab the attackers hand.
  4. Now attack the vital organs like eyes or groin.
  5. Now use Elbows & Knees.
  6. Now throw the hurt attacker to the ground.
  7. On the ground stomp his Groin or Face with the sole of your shoe to neutralize the threat.